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For our love for animals and our planet

We love all animals and our planet dearly, and our dogs show us daily how essential nature is for us all. So it only makes sense to solely make products that do not harm both our animals and our planet. We feel responsible for the materials we use, the ways we manufacture, and the durability and functionality of our products.

Cruelty - free

Leather-making is cruel, causes undeniable harm to animals, and has become unnecessary, due to the amazing alternatives available.

Around 85% of the industry’s skins come from animals living by the thousands in intensive-confinement factory farms, usually in deplorable conditions, exempt from cruelty laws that protect our companion animals.

And the lust for cheaper leather has moved a large part of the leather industry to countries like China and India, yet also Brazil and Russia. Countries that all care much less about labor rights, the environment, and animal welfare. China alone is good for 25% of the global leather production. What many of us do not know, is that also most of the leather in the U.S. and Europe comes from these countries.

It's our mission to show you, that vegan can also be durable, high-quality, and look amazing.

Sustainable materials

The materials we use and how we produce them are the pillars of our eco- and animal-friendly mission.
A mission that stands for creating premium, sustainable and unique products for the world's most amazing dogs while always keeping the impact on our planet and all creatures that live on it in mind.

Discover more about our vegetarian leather from Italian apple, the benefits of using organic hemp and cotton, and our solid brass hardware

Materials & Quality

Sustainable manufacturing & shopping

Our on-demand concept is based on the most sustainable way to produce high-quality products, to avoid overproduction, and to support a more healthier and concious way to produce and shop entirely.

Instead of producing en mass, we only start producing once actual orders are placed. This way we do not produce too much, and create waste and unnecessary pollution.

Manufacturing on-demand allows us to more often create new collections, and not longer being bound to the traditional sales calander.

We reward our customers up to 25% OFF on our latest collections, for shopping sustainably and for waiting on there items ordered.

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